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Round after round. 45 Colt 200gr. 537 ft lbs 20 Round Box. There is one powder that will push 230-grain bullets to near. A normal cowboy load using the 45 Colt runs around 750 fps. (lower 48 states) one could wonder why you would need more power than the standard Marlins and Winchesters in 45 long Colt. 38 ACP Colt 1909:. 45 Colt (will load.

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Shop our collection of .411-.459 Diameter hand cast lead bullets for sale using only certified bullet casting alloys. We carry many designs for black powder & smokeless cartridge firearms. Many bullet designs for old and obsolete calibers. Buffalo Arms Co. since 1990!

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Alliant recently revised its Bullseye recipes and the only load they now list for a 200 grain lead semi-wadcutter dose not make the power floor for CDP division. Does anyone have current load data, that will make the 165,000 power floor, for new production Bullseye powder using a hard cast (CB Bullet Company) 200 grain lead semi-wadcutter ?

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Lee Load-Master progressive 5-hole reloading kit for 45 ACP. Includes dies (Full Length Size, Powder Through Expanding and Bullet Seating Dies), Turret, #2L Shell Plate, Pro-Auto Disk Powder Measure, Universal Case Feeder and Large Primer Feed. Load-Master shown mounted to the Lee Reloading...

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45 Long Colt ammo in stock by Hornady! This ammo is perfect for cowboy action shoots and is engineered to perform flawlessly. This ammo utilizes the cleanest-burning propellants and the swaged lead bullets are designed to flatten on impact at the target instead of fragmenting.

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Apr 16, 2016 · .45 ACP and .45 Auto Rim variations. From left to right: “Hardball” load for semi-automatic pistol; 185 grain lead semi-wadcutter (reduced velocity) for target use; 200 grain jacketed semi-wadcutter (reduced velocity) for target work; .45 ACP hardball equivalent with lead bullet; .45 Auto Rim cartridge loaded to hardball velocities with lead bullet; .45 Auto Rim cartridge with 255 grain ...

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Dec 23, 2020 · No. 45 (Long) Colt as it is irritatingly known—was originally loaded with 40 grains of FFg black powder, under a 255-grain lead bullet, at a muzzle velocity of just over 875 fps, as has been shown by testing original loads over a modern chronograph. 45 Peacemakers are now in. 45 Long Colt Cylinder, 3rd Generation, Nickel, New.

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Gavin's "standard charge" load for 45 ACP: (use load data at your own risk). Hornady XTP 230 grain jacketed hollow point bullet. Berrys Plated 200gr HP Bullet bullseye 5.2 gr Mixed Brass Federal 150 Primers COAL - 1.20 S&W, M&P .45 4.5″ brl Mzl Velocity 845 fps I enjoyed shooting this load, (nice...

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Byte Beat. Puke Data. Speech. LSDJ. loading.gif. carreaux.png. bullseye.bas. small_gr.fnt.

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Click to LOAD DATA SHEET. As the 9mm, .40 or standard .45 ACP are fully adequate for personal defense, any of the preceding jacketed rounds could be viewed as more than necessary for that task. Also coming to mind is that all .45 caliber bullets, designed for the much slower speed ACP, can readily open at its sedate velocities.

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With Bullseye powder load. 4.5-5.0 grains with 230-240-grain bullet in the .45 Schofield case. 5.0-6.0 grains with 250-260 grain bullet in .45 Colt case for "Cowboy Load" 6.0-7.0 grains with 260-270-grain bullet in .45 Colt case for "full charge" load. (up to 7.5 grains with up to 260-grain bullet is OK in the NM Rugers, and 7 grains with 290 ...

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Unfortunately load tables for 250gr .45ACP are hard to come by, so you'll probably Hornady and Nosler both make 250gr .45 projectiles that will seat properly in a .45ACP cartridge. For a long time, I hand loaded hard cast 255 grain Keith-Type semi-wadcutters In .45 ACP for my Colt Gold Cup 1911.

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May 16, 2012 · My general purpose load is 4.6 gr of Bullseye w/ a 230 gr cast (or occasionally plated) RN w/ CCI 300 primer. Midrange power, cycles everything & shoots accurately in every .45 I own. IMHO, the .45 acp is the perfect caliber for cast bullet use. Low pressures and velocities make leading a non-issue.

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H18.41 level 2 homeworkunanswered match the reagents to the following reaction.

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Time to stock up! Load up with 50 rds. of Aguila .45 Colt 200 Grain LFP Ammo. Smooth feeding and straight shooting, Aguila ammo is a dependable choice for all your trigger-pulling needs, from plinking to self-defense.

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Dec 28, 2020 · FMJ 1000 round case 9. Trusted name for buying quality ammo from top manufacturers . This is 45 Auto Remington UMC 230gr. 406 ammo 406 Ammo . 45 ACP load using a 230 grain bullet. 45 ACP/AUTO Ammo for Sale! 45 ACP, or now 45 Auto is one of the oldest metallic cartridges still in common use today.

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Apr 04, 2004 · I can't personally comment on the data for the 45 Colt. For what its worth, the data for low velocity bullseye target loads in the 45 ACP using the Laser-Cast 200 grain SWC is accurate. Hope this helps, MaxTMDK

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BUFFALO BORE 45 ACP +P OUTDOORSMAN 255 gr. Hard Cast FN @ 925 fps/M.E. 484 ft lbs 20 Round Box. ITEM 45-255. 45 ACP +P ammo is externally/dimensionally identical to 45 ACP ammo and can be fired in any 45 ACP firearm that is in normal operating condition. This was the bullet that started it all. Produced by pressure-forming pure copper tubing around a pure lead core, this highly reliable bullet was the first custom bullet available to American handloaders.

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